Tree Service Federal Way • Tree Removal • Pruning • Stump Grinding

tree-service-federal-way-waHunter's Tree Service provides professional, safe and quality tree services in Federal Way, WA.

Our Tree Services in Federal Way include:

Tree Removal by Hunter's Tree Service:

Tree Removal is recommended when there is no treatment options for a diseased or dying tree. Let Hunter's Tree Service safely remove your problem tree.

Tree Trimming by Hunter's Tree Service:

Tree Trimming is essential to maintain healthy trees. Let us help you maintain healthy and strong trees. Tree trimming is essential to the survival and growth of any tree's on your property.

tree-removal-federal-way-waTree Pruning by Hunter's Tree Service:

Tree Pruning employs the art of cutting the right limbs at the right time of year to promote healthy tree growth. Our Tree Pruning service helps you to maintain healthy and beautiful trees.

Stump Grinding by Hunter's Tree Service:

Stump grinding is the fastest and most efficient way to remove a tree stump.  We safely grind down your tree stump and help your property maintain a proper landscape.

Logging by Hunter's Tree Service:

stump-grinding-federal-way-waLogging is the process of felling multiple trees to clear a swatch of growth. Let Hunter's Tree Service safely and efficiently clear your property in Federal Way, WA of multiple trees.

Hunter's Tree Service prepares Arborists reports for a fee in Federal Way, WA . Do you have a tree dispute and need a report by a Certified Arborist? Hunter's Tree Service will send out an ISA Certified Arborist to assess and write up your Arborists reports for a fee.

Hunter's Tree Service accommodates emergency storm damage in Federal Way, WA. If you have a tree that has been damaged in a recent storm then call Hunter's Tree Service for emergency tree services.

Trees that have been damaged by high winds or ice can be dangerous and it is recommended that you stay away from the tree until it has been assessed by an arborist.

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