Logging And Lot Clearing

Cut-Big-Tree-Tacoma-WAHunter's Tree Service provides logging services to residential and commercial customers in Washington state.

Responsible logging services are conducted by an arborist whose goal is to preserve the health of the trees and surrounding land. Hunter's Tree Service is proud to provide responsible logging services in Western Washington.

Hunter's Tree Service offers logging & lot clearing

Backyard logging should be overseen by an arborist who will professionally care for your property. Hunter's Tree Service provides professional logging services in Pierce County, WA for residents looking to log in their backyard.

Tree-Climbing-Lakewood-waRoad clearing is necessary for rural land development with private access roads. Do you need space for driveway cleared from the street to your property? Hunter's Tree Service can safely and efficiently clear the excess trees on your property to make way for roads to be paved. 

Low-impact logging is achieved by selective tree reduction. Low-impact logging is intended to leave a reduced environmental impact. Low-impact logging contributes to sustainable land usage. Hunter's Tree Service certified arborists utilize low-impact logging on lots with an interest in sustainable logging.

Hunter's Tree Services employs certified arborists who conduct logging services with the health of the overall environment in mind. Hunter's Tree Service can help you formulate a sustainable logging plan for your property.

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