Tree Climbing

Tree-Removal-Lakewood-WATrees in the fertile Pacific Northwest can grow tall and wide over the years and require tree climbing to properly prune and maintain them. It is best to prune tall trees in a manner which causes as little harm as possible to the tree. The health and well-being of the tree, will influence the method of tree climbing an arborist will choose. An arborist will assess any nearby structures or utilities that could be impacted by pruning tall trees.

Hunter's Tree Service arborists offer expert tree climbing services in Western Washington including spiked climbing, spikeless climbing, and advanced rope climbing.

Spiked climbing is the traditional method climbers use for ascending trees. Spiked climbing involves artificial spikes attached to a climbers boots which help to leverage the climber. Spiked climbing leaves behind puncture wounds in a tree which can introduce infestations and diseases. Spiked climbing can be very harmful for healthy trees to endure and should only be used on trees designated for removal.


Tacoma & Puyallup Area Tree Climbing Experts

Tree-Climbing-Lakewood-waSpikeless tree climbing utilizes various techniques for tall tree trimming that are not invasive to the trees core well-being. Spikeless tree climbing involves various techniques climbers use to ascend and descend the tree which do not harm the tree. Hunter's Tree Service is expert in spikeless tree climbing which is proven to be a minimally invasive method of tree climbing.

Advanced rope climbing involves tree climbing techniques which use ropes to help the climbers ascend and descend the tree. Arborists will utilize advanced rope climbing to ascend tall trees or trees with structural impediments. Close quarter tree trimming requires experienced tree climbers with advanced rope climbing skills to ensure that no structural damage occurs due to falling limbs.

Hunter's Tree Service's certified arborists and tree climbers offer expert and professional tree climbing services. Tree climbing is an important part of tree services and should always be conducted with safety and professionalism in mind. Hunter's Tree Service arborists seriously consider the health of the tree and location of nearby structures when choosing their climbing and trimming methods for tall trees.

Preserving the health of the tree while maintaining safety for the climbers is imperative for Hunter's Tree Service. Hunter's Tree Service has a reputation for conducting safe and efficient tree climbing services.

Tree climbing requires a specialized skill set to be conducted in a safe and efficient manner. Hunter's Tree Service employs certified tree climbers who have the education and experience necessary to undertake the dangerous work of tree climbing.

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