Tree Service Helps Eagle Scout in Tacoma

Tree-Climber-Community-TacomaFor those of you who have a garden or yard, it is most likely that you either inherited when you moved in or planted some kind of vegetation such as trees or assorted plants. All of your garden items require proper maintenance and care, and that is true for your trees as well.

We at Hunter’s Tree Service know that in order for your trees to grow up “big and strong”, proper care and maintenance must be provided. In addition to regular watering, there are other factors to be considered for healthy growth. We provide the following tree services to the community:

  • Cutting, tree trimming and pruning

Tree Removal • Stump Grinding in the Community in Tacoma

Tree-Service-Community-TacomaHowever, sometimes despite your best efforts, a tree may become unhealthy and start to rot. Ina situation like this, it is best to consider complete tree removal to protect you and your property from damage should the tree fall on its own.

Rotting trees can become quite dangerous as they become weak and could fall over at any time. They also become home to vermin which can reduce the hygienic conditions surrounding the house. It is best to hire a professional tree service that can accomplish your tree removal safely and efficiently.

Once the rotting tree is removed, the stump is mostly left behind. It can become quite an eyesore, and may become home to many unwanted insects or rodents. Stump grinding is an effective way to complete the tree removal process.

Why Call Hunter's Tree Service?

For all of your tree service needs, including tree trimming, tree removal, or stump grinding, Hunter’s Tree Service is the company you can trust. We have extensive experience in all aspects of tree service and our highly-trained staff is well-equipped to handle any problems your trees may have.

  • Arborist services for proper care and tree maintenanceTree-Services-Community
  • Stump grinding for stump removal
  • Complete tree removal safely and efficiently
  • Tree trimming and pruning

Maintaining trees on your property is a job that requires technical knowledge. Use our professional arborists to help guide you and provide the care that your trees need.

If a tree needs to be removed, please do not attempt tree removal on your own. It is a dangerous task and should be left to a professional tree service company.

Call Hunter’s Tree Service at 253-777-1938 for all of your tree service needs.