Tree Removal

Tree-Removal-Company-Lakewood-WAThe Pacific Northwest is known for our lush green spaces with many species of trees in abundance. Residential and commercial properties in the Puget Sound occasionally need a tree removed. Trees that pose eminent danger for persons or structures should be removed at once.

You can also hire a Hunter's Tree Service arborist to help you determine if a tree is in need of immediate removal.

Tree removal by Hunter's Tree Service focuses on quality and safety during the tree removal process.

Tree removal is recommended when there is no course of treatment that will preserve a diseased or dying tree. Trees with diseases or storm damage that cannot be saved by an arborist should be removed right away. Hunter's Tree Service will examine your tree before a determination to remove the tree is rendered.

Tree-Removal-Tacoma-WATree removal is a complicated process best conducted by professionals who prioritize the safety and quality of their  services. Hunter's Tree Service provides professional, safe and quality tree removal services in Washington state.  Hunter's Tree Service is adept at close quarter and crane removals. Don't risk property damage, let the  professionals at Hunter's Tree Service remove the trees from your commercial or residential property. 

It is important to hire an arborist for tree removal services because they are specifically trained to recognize potential tree falling hazards.

Factors influencing safe urban tree removal include man-made and natural considerations. A Hunter's Tree Service arborist is educated and experienced in identifying risk factors and creating a tree removal plan accordingly.

Man-Made Tree Removal Risk Factors Include:

  • Tree-Removal-Gig-HarborLocation of nearby structures need to be carefully assessed to prevent crushing damage from falling limbs during tree removal.
  • Public utilities including utility poles and lines provide the potential for catastrophic damage should a limb fall upon them during tree removal.
  • Public streets and pedestrian sidewalks need to be secured while tree removal is taking place.

Natural Tree Removal Considerations Include:

  • Tree species determines how a tree will behave during the tree removal process.
  • The tree size and location will have a large impact on the tree removal process.
  • The root system that supports the tree to be removed will need to be examined before the tree removal begins.

Once you determine a tree will need to be removed from your property, you will want to know what happens next. Hunter's Tree Service will professionally and safely remove trees from your property, without leaving a mess behind for you to clean up.

Types of Tree Removal Include:

Tree-Removal-Federal-Way-WATraditional Tree Removal is the process in which a certified tree climber ascends the tree and removes branches along the way. Once the trunk is free of limbs the tree climber will perform felling cuts which will remove the trunk. A tree climber from Hunter's Tree Service will safely and efficiently remove your problem tree.

Tree Felling is the process in which a large felling cut is made at the base of the tree and the tree is allowed to fall. Tree felling can be particularly dangerous is there are nearby structures or pedestrians that can be impacted by the falling tree. An arborist from Hunter's Tree Service expertly and professionally conducts safe tree felling.

Hunter's Tree Service employs ISA Certified Arborists, providing you with educated and experienced tree removal services. Hunter's Tree Service employs expert tree climbers to conduct safe removal of trees from your commercial or residential property. Hunter's Tree Service leaves your property clean and debris-free after tree removal, a service our clients count on and appreciate.

Hunter's Tree Service offers free estimates for tree removal services in the Pacific Northwest.

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